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Emotional health at work.

Yes Collective is hacking the traditional therapy model to make emotional fitness practical and accessible within organizations. We're making organizations happier and healthier by supporting employee emotional health & wellbeing.

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Because thriving is an inside job

Emotional wellness at work

Therapist-Designed Tools

We bring parents amazing evidence-based and real-world-tested practices for reducing stress and anxiety, processing deep emotions, aligning body, heart, and mind, and communicating with grounded authenticity and loving connection.

Coach-Guided Support

Once you're in the Yes Collective community, you can dive deeper with Yes Coaching, our therapist-designed, 1:1 mental wellness coaching program.

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Therapist-Designed Masterclasses

Enroll in any of our self-paced, therapist-designed masterclasses focused on the mental and emotional challenges that matter most to you.

Holistic Approach

Mental wellness isn't just about thinking and feeling differently; it's also about moving, eating, and sleeping better. From quick bites on sleep and exercise, to dietitian-supported recipes, we got you covered.

Transformative Live Events

Join us for our live Coaching Circles where you'll get to ask our top therapists anything on your mind, or check out our live YES Coaching Circles where our team brings life-changing wellness practices home.

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Podcast, AMAs, and More

Our interviews with top wellness experts and therapists will change the way you think & feel. When you become a member, you'll get access to the members-only feed that includes our Therapist's Circle, meditations, audio articles, and special episodes.

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Mental wellness coaching for parents

Real Self-Care

Yes Coaching is our one-to-one chat-based emotional fitness program designed by therapists and mental health professionals specifically to support the unique needs of parents.

Our approach is grounded in positive psychology, cutting edge mental health therapy models, & health behavior science. Every step of the program is guided by professional health coaches using our in-app chat platform.

Throughout the 4-month coaching journey, parents discover powerful mindfulness and emotional processing tools along with game-changing communication and relationship skills to learn how to live closer to what truly matters to them, and discover how to show up for themselves and their family in ever more present, connected, & authentic ways.

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Dive deeper: Once you're a member of the Yes Collective, you can sign up for Yes Coaching, and take your mental wellness journey to the next level. With your personal coach, a step-by-step program for transformational growth, and a cohort of other parents on the same journey, you'll see big changes and real results.

How Our Coaching Works

Science meets wisdom in our Thrive Pillars

We've organized our therapist-designed, parent-focused, holistic wellness content into three Thrive Pillars: Flourish (mental/emotional health), Embody (sleep, exercise, and other bodywork), and Connect (deep, loving relationships). Each pillar alone supports thriving, but together they're a powerful combination that optimally supports our health and mental wellness.


The power of breath in the midst of chaos


Every day is a ceremony


Yes Collective Podcast

Weekly conversations with top experts, designed to inspire your family’s Thrive journey.

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The therapeutic benefits of being with community

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