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Emotional fitness for modern life.

Yes Collective is the first-of-its-kind digital hybrid emotional fitness studio, combining therapist-designed e-learning with live group therapy and guided practices that target emotional health and personal development.

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Yes Collective Emotional Fitness Studio

Here’s what you get in the Studio.

Premium articles
Therapist-Designed Tools

Our psychologists and therapists bring you real-world-tested practices for getting out of your head and into your body, processing deep emotions, and communicating with grounded authenticity and loving connection.

Supportive Community
Therapist-Led Studio Circles

Dive deeper with our live, therapist-led, topical Studio Circles. Topics range from the basics of emotional health to honoring your inner knowing, processing grief, authentic relationships, and much more.

In-App Live Events
Emotional Fitness Masterclasses

Enroll in any of our self-paced, therapist-designed masterclasses focused on the mental and emotional challenges that matter most to you.

Trusted Experts
Our Holistic Approach

Our approach to emotional health focuses on your heart, body, and soul. Our therapists are experts in holistic approaches like Internal Family Systems, somatic therapy, and authentic relating.

Supportive Community
Transformative Live Events

Join us for our live retreats and processing events. We bring breathwork, ecstatic dancing, sound healing and more, right into the comfort of home.

Personal Thrive
Podcast & Meditations

Our interviews with top wellness experts and therapists will change the way you think & feel. When you become a member, you'll get access to the members-only feed that includes our Therapist's Circle, meditations, audio articles, and special episodes.

A community of wellness experts & coaches

(And parents who keep growing, just like you)

The Yes Collective brings together doctors, researchers, psychologists, therapists, dietitians, and professional coaches to support parents in a new paradigm of holistic family wellness.

Together, we're taking on generational cycles of trauma; physical environments that keep us tired and sick; and social environments that keep us isolated and overwhelmed. If you're an exhausted parent just getting by: you're not alone, there's a better way, and the Yes Collective team has got your back.

Alicia With

Jenny Walters, LMFT

Psychotherapist, Family Relationships

Maria Rodriguez Berrera

Nadia Torres-Eaton, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist, Family Relationships


Alicia Wuth, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist,
Mental & Emotional Healing

Colin Champ

Colin Champ, MD

Physician, Integrative
Family Wellness

Justin Wilford

Justin Wilford, PhD

Program Designer, Emotional Health Coach

Lexi Hall

Lexi Hall, RD

Registered Dietitian,
Culinary Medicine

Inanna Moon

Inanna Moon

Breathwork and Meditation Teacher

Lisa Kopp

Maria Rodriguez Berrera, LAc

Acupuncturist, Traditional Healing Modalities

Jena Curtis

Jena Curtis, EdD

Professor, Gender & Sexuality


Join others looking to thrive, just like you

"The live group coaching was a game-changer. I learned so much about to my emotions and how to get more peace on a daily basis."

Malorie M, corporate manager & mom

Los Angeles, CA

“The group sessions in Stepping Into You helped me face my own struggles and realize I'm not alone."

Beth R, project manager

Brooklyn, NY

“I love the flexibility to access the knowledge of all of these amazing therapists whenever I have a free moment to connect.”

Marion D, consultant and coach

Phoenix, AZ

“The Yes Collective does an excellent job of distilling high-level psychology and therapy into a very go-with-the-chaos kind of help. I also love the positivity of it all.”

Alexandra T, educator and artist

Winnipeg, Canada

“I love Yes Collective therapists because of their holistic approach. It’s not just mental and emotional health. They do embodiment, the heart, and spirit too.”

Shiley M, Mom

Bend, OR

“I truly enjoy checking my notifications from the app after work and when I get some downtime. I’d much rather listen and learn from their therapy team than scroll through social media.”

Carrie B, non-profit director and mom

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I love having access to all the therapy tools anytime. It’s like having a team therapists with me.”

Bethany F, corporate manager and mom

Glendale, AZ

“I’m grateful that the Yes Collective exists! I know I have a place to get emotional health support when I need it.”

Katherine M, artist & educator

Asheville, NC

“I love the meditations and workshops! I've learned so much new about myself and what self-care really means.”

Stacy R, educator and mom

Chicago, IL


Emotional fitness at the speed of modern life

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